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June 16, 2021 July 2, 2021

Between July 2 and August 2, 2021, Facebook will release the Facebook Messenger HUMAN_AGENT message tag feature for general availability (GA). Genesys Cloud has been using this feature with its Facebook Messenger integration (third-party messaging) as an early adopter for some time. Once Facebook releases this feature as GA, it will remove the feature from early adopter Facebook apps. To retain this feature, customers using a Genesys Cloud Facebook Messenger integration must take action before July 2, 2021.

The HUMAN_AGENT message tag indicates to Facebook that a person is sending a Facebook Messenger reply (not a bot or automation). The HUMAN_AGENT message tag is required to send a reply to any message more than 24 hours after it was received. For example, if a Facebook Messenger message was routed to your Genesys Cloud organization on Saturday, and agents were not available until Monday, the agents would not be able to send a response unless the HUMAN_AGENT message tag is included. In order for agents to continue responding to messages more than 24 hours after receiving them, you must take action before July 2, 2021.


Am I affected?

Customers using the Genesys Cloud Facebook Messenger integration have either a Genesys-owned app or a customer-owned app.

  • Genesys-owned app: Most customers use a Genesys-provided Facebook App, which is automatically used when Messenger integrations are created with the Genesys Cloud Admin UI. If your Facebook Messenger integration with a Genesys-owned app is older than April 19, 2021, you are affected.
  • Customer-owned app: Some customers use their own Facebook App under the Genesys legacy “bring your own app” process. If your Facebook Messenger integration uses your customer-owned app, you are affected.

If you are affected, you must take action before July 2, 2021 so that your agents can continue to respond to messages more than 24 hours after receiving them. The recommended actions for Genesys-owned apps and customer-owned apps are different.

How do I find out if my organization uses a Genesys-owned or customer-owned Facebook app?

  1. In Genesys Cloud, click Admin > Message > Platforms to view your Facebook Messenger integration.
  2. Click Configure next to your integration(s).
  3. View the App ID field. If you see:
    • Genesys App ID, then your organization uses a Genesys-owned Facebook app. 
    • A numeric App ID, then your organization uses its own customer-owned Facebook app.

How can I check when my Facebook Messenger integration was created?

  1. In the Developer Center, click Tools.
  2. Click API Explorer.
  3. In the API list on the on the left side, navigate to Conversations, then Messaging,
  4. Click Get a list of Facebook integrations.
  5. Click Send Request.
  6. View the dateCreated field in the JSON response for your integration. For example:
    "dateCreated": "2021-06-03T21:42:23.450Z"

How can I prepare for this deprecation?

Follow the instructions appropriate for your organization before July 2, 2021.

Genesys-owned Facebook apps

Genesys recommends this procedure for all customers with Genesys-owned Facebook apps whose Facebook Messenger integration is older than April 19, 2021.

  1. In Genesys Cloud, disconnect your Facebook Messenger integration from inbound routing under Admin > Routing > Message Routing. For more information, see Manage an inbound message route
  2. Delete the current Facebook Messenger integration in Admin > Message > Platforms. 
  3. Create a new Facebook Messenger integration with the same Facebook page. For more information, see Configure ACD messaging for Facebook Messenger. The newly created integration will have HUMAN_AGENT message tag enabled. Genesys Cloud sends this tag automatically on behalf of agents when required. 
  4. Connect your new integration to inbound message routing. For more information, see Add an inbound message route

Customer-owned Facebook apps 

Genesys strongly recommends that customers using their own Facebook apps switch to Genesys-owned apps by deleting and re-creating the Facebook Messenger integration in the Genesys Cloud Admin UI.

If you choose to continue using your customer-owned app: 

  • Your Facebook administrator must complete the Facebook App Review, to request the Human Agent permission. 
  • Once approved, your agents will be able to respond to a message even if it was received more than 24 hours ago (up to seven days). 
Note: Future Facebook Messenger features in Genesys Cloud may require additional Facebook app permissions. You are responsible for maintaining App Review approval for all required permissions if you choose to continue using a customer-owned app.

What if I take no action?

If you choose to take no action, your Genesys Cloud Facebook Messenger integration will continue to function. At some time between July 2, 2021 and August 2, 2021, your agents will receive an error if they respond to a message received more than 24 hours prior. As a workaround, your Facebook Page administrators and moderators may still reply to messages from the Facebook Page Inbox. 

What if I need help or have questions?

Contact My Support.