Export utterance history

You can export utterance history into a .csv file from bot and digital bot flows in Architect. This feature enables you to analyze the exported data locally to train and improve your bots.

  • If no data is available to download, then Export is disabled.
  • The exported file contains the set grid filters, date, and language.
  • Genesys Cloud supports up to 25,000 exported records.

To export utterance history, follow these steps:

  1. Open the bot flow that contains the utterance history to export.
  2. Under Insights and Optimization, click Optimization Dashboard.
  3. Click Utterance History . The view populates with a list of utterance and individual details.
  4. To export the utterance history, click Export . Architect exports the file to your specified Downloads location and the Export Details dialog box displays the following information about the export.
    • User name
    • Date
    • Status
    • File name
    • Summary of exported conversation and record data