Add a question group to an evaluation form


When designing an evaluation you can add labels, called “question groups” to categorize related questions. 

  1. Click the name of the current question group. Then click Add Question Group.

  2. Click [Question group name here]. Type the name of the question group. For example, “Product Knowledge.”

  3. Click options below the question group as needed:

    Option Description

    N/A Enabled Question Group

    When checked, respondents can skip all questions in this group by checking an “N/A” box on the form.

    Answers Default To

    You can set default answers for the convenience of the respondent: If “Highest Scoring” is checked, questions in this group default to their highest scoring answer. The respondent can select lower scoring answers as needed. If “N/A” is checked, then questions in this group are considered “not applicable.’ The evaluator can uncheck the N/A box to override this behavior. Choose this option if a group of questions is rarely applicable.

  4. Click Up or Down arrows to reposition the question group higher or lower relative to other question groups.