The Inbound property determines whether inbound Architect call flows can select this script.

To enable the script for use by an inbound call flow:

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Contact Center, click Scripts.

  3. Click a script’s name to open it in script editor.

  4. Click the Script dropdown.

    Figure shows Scripts dropdown.

  5. Click Script Properties.


  6. Click the Inbound property group.


  7. Set the switch to its Enabled position.

    Figure shows Inbound toggle switch in its enabled position

  8. Click the Script dropdown again.

  9. Click Save.


Enabling the Inbound property for a script allows Architect call flows to select it. Any call flow can invoke the script to screen pop an interaction. However, if an Architect call flow needs to pass information to the script, variables in the script must have the same name and data type as variables in the call flow.

When Architect passes control to the script, the values of variables in the call flow are assigned to corresponding script variables. The assignment happens before screen pops occurs. Setting this up requires the script designer and the flow author to exchange information about the variables.