To track the location of a phone for taxation or billing purposes, specify a location for a Genesys Cloud Voice number. The location of a number appears on the Numbers tab of the Genesys Cloud Voice / Number Management page:  

  • To provide a means for emergency dialing, Genesys Cloud Voice includes an Emergency Dialing service. However, because the Genesys Cloud Voice Services and the Emergency Dialing service are Internet-based, they could be limited or unavailable under certain circumstances, such as during a power outage or a broadband/Internet service disruption. Therefore, emergency services personnel will not necessarily know the location of a phone based on its record in Genesys Cloud Voice. In the event of an emergency, be prepared to tell emergency personnel the physical location of a phone and affix emergency services warning labels to all Genesys Cloud devices.
  • European customers: If you change the location that was originally assigned to a number, it may take several days before the change takes effect with your carrier. If you need to contact emergency services during this time, be prepared to tell emergency personnel the physical location of the phone.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Genesys Cloud Voice, click Number Management.
  3. To find a number in the list, filter the list.
  4. Click the number you want.
  5. Click Edit Location.
  6. Select the location.
    Note: You can only pair a location with a number that originates from the same country.
  7. Click Save.