1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Outbound, click Rule Management.

  3. Click the Call Rule Sets tab or the Digital Rule Sets tab.

  4. If the view contains many entries, filter it by typing all or part of a rule set name in the Name box.

  5. Click the name of the rule set.

    figure shows where to click to open an example rule set

  6. (Optional) Select a contact list or queue so that the app can display columns, phone number types, and wrap-up codes when you create rules, and then click Save.

    figure shows a sample rule set opened for editing

  7. (Optional) Add a new rule or modify an existing one. If the rule set contains rules, it lists them by name.


Edit controls are disabled if a user has permission to view rule sets, but does not have permission to create, modify, or delete rule sets. In that context, rule sets and rules may be viewed in read-only mode.

If a query fails to retrieve wrap-up codes or skills, the rule editor displays one of the following alerts to the user:

  • Failed to fetch the skills for the organization.
  • Failed to fetch the wrap up codes for the rule set’s queue.
  • Failed to fetch the wrap up codes for the organization.