Certain profile fields require you to add tags. Each tag that you add helps match you with coworkers who also have that tag. We recommend adding as many tags as necessary to describe yourself to your coworkers. 

Clicking a tag creates a search based on that tag in that field. If you click “JavaScript” in the Skills section, you find others with that tag in that section only. 

  1. From the sidebar, click your profile picture to access user settings, then click the larger profile picture.
  2. From the Edit Mode in your profile, click Edit in a section that contains tags, like Skills & Certifications
    Note: If your profile doesn’t contain a section that you want to add tags to, you can add a new section.
  3. In the Add field, type a tag and press Enter, or select a tag from the suggestions that appear. 

    Genesys Cloud creates suggestions based on tags already entered by other users in your organization. Genesys recommend selecting tags that are already in use when appropriate. Using the same tags helps you and others find each other. 

    The Skills & Certifications window that shows adding skill and the list of suggestions

  4. Click Save
  5. To remove a tag, click Edit for the section that contains the tag. Then, click  on the tag. Select Save. 
Note: Avoid combining tags into a single tag. Genesys Cloud only matches users with the same tags. If you use multiple terms in a single tag, only users with the same sequence of terms in a single tag match. For example, if “Public Relations,” “Advertising,” and “Product Management” make up a single tag, then only profiles with the tag “Public Relations Advertising Product Management” appear when you search.