• Directory > User > All permission

Add and remove locations from the profiles of organization members.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Directory, click Locations.
  3. To the right of the location that you’d like to add to or remove from profiles, click More and then Change Membership.
  4. To find people in your organization, use Search .

    • To search by name, type the first few letters of the person's name in the Search box.
    • To search by group, role, manager, or location, click Search and make your selection. Then complete the Search box.
    • To add a person's name, select the check box.
    • To remove a person's name, clear the check box.
    • To select or deselect all the people, use the check box in the header row.
    • To see only people that you have selected, click Show Selected.
  5. To add the location to a person’s profile, enable the checkbox beside their name. 
  6. To remove the location from a person’s profile, clear the check box beside their name.
  7. Click Save.