Drop a shift for someone else to pick up

  • Workforce Management > Agent Shift Trade Request > Participate permission

You can drop a shift and make it available for another agent to pick up.

Note: You must be in Week view to trade shifts.

Drop a trade

To drop a trade, perform the following steps:

  1. Access your schedule:
    1. To access your schedule from the agent activity view, click the Activity > Schedule tab.
    2. To access your schedule from the agent dashboard:
      1. Click Performance > Workspace > My Performance
      2. Click the Schedule tab. 
  2. If you open your schedule from the Activity > Schedule tab, then to see the most current data, click Refresh . This view does not update automatically. 
  3. Select the week that contains the shift you want to trade.
  4. Click Shift Trades Workforce management agent shift trade. The My Trades panel opens.
  5. Click the arrow next to New Trade.
  6. Click Drop
  7. Do one of the following:
    • Click Drop above the shift in your schedule view.
    • Click Open next to the shift that you want to drop.
  8. Click Request Drop.  
  9. Select the shift that you want to drop using your schedule or select a shift.
  10. Click Request Drop.

The dropped shift is now available for another agent to pick up. Also, if the service goals and minimum working constraints are met, the dropped shift is directly approved or denied by the system without another agent to pick up the dropped shift.

    The trade appears in the Pending section of your My Trades panel until it is approved.