To display categories in the knowledge portal:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Message, click Messenger Configurations.
  3. From the configuration list, select the knowledge portal. The selected knowledge portal must have configured categories
  4. Under Components > Category browsing, click the list and check the categories that you want to display on the support center. You can select up to eight categories.
  5. (Optional) Add category images
  6. Select which Category Appearance you want to display on the knowledge portal. You can select Compact and Detailed view.
    Click the image to enlarge.
    Select the category display for the knowledge portal
    • The Compact view displays subcategories and article titles.
    • The Detailed view displays sidebar navigation, subcategories, and article previews.

      Note: Nested categories in the knowledge workbench appear as subcategories on the knowledge portal.
  7. Click Save.