• Genesys Cloud CX 1 Digital Add-on II, Genesys Cloud CX 2, Genesys Cloud CX 2 Digital, Genesys Cloud CX 3, Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital or Genesys Cloud CX AI Experience license
  • A working knowledge base

The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > Flow > View
  • Routing > Message > Manage
  • Routing > Queue > Add, Delete, Join, and View
  • Web Deployments > Configurations > All
  • Web Deployments > Deployments > All

This article describes how to set up your knowledge portal for Genesys Cloud.

Step 1: Configure the knowledge portal

This section describes how to configure the knowledge portal.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Message, click Messenger Configurations.
  3. Click New Configuration.
  4. Click the knowledge portal tab.
  5. Enable the knowledge portal functionality
    1. Under Customize messages, enter a customized Welcome note and a Fallback message.
      • The Welcome note welcomes the customer when they visit the knowledge portal page.
      • The Fallback message is the message that appears to customers when their search shows no relevant results.
    2. Under Components, select the knowledge base and the categories you want the knowledge portal to use.
      1. Click the Knowledge Base list and choose the knowledge base to use.
      2. Click Category browsing and select the wanted categories.
    3. (Optional) Under Display, determine the header background color, global background color, and primary color.
  6. To continue to the knowledge portal configuration, click Save Draft.
  7. To save the completed configuration, click Save New Version.

    Click the image to enlarge.

    Knowledge portal setup

    Step 2: Deploy the knowledge portal snippet

    This section describes how to deploy the knowledge portal.

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Message, click Messenger Deployments.
    3. Enter a name and description.
    4. Under Status, use the toggle to set the status of the Messenger deployment. 
    5. Under Select your Configuration, click Select Configuration to select the knowledge portal configuration to assign to this deployment.
    6. Under Select your Architect Flow, select a published inbound message flow.
    7. Click Save. The knowledge portal Deployments page now displays the snippet and deployment key.
    8.  Under Deploy your snippet, click Copy to Clipboard to copy the code.

    Note: These steps require IT administrator access. Contact your IT department.

    1. Paste the HTML snippet you copied at Deploy your snippet in the header section of the site on which you want to host the knowledge portal.
    2. Insert a div tag in the HTML code of the site on which you want to host the knowledge portal. Include the ID genesys-support-center in the div tag. This ID pairs up with the embedded HTML snippet to display your knowledge portal.

      Example ID code: <div id="genesys-support-center"></div>