• Genesys Cloud CX 2, Genesys Cloud CX 3, Genesys Cloud CX 1 Digital Add-on II, Genesys Cloud CX 2 Digital, or Genesys Cloud CX 3 Digital license
  • Web Deployments Configurations All permission
  • Web Deployments Deployments > All permission
  • An inbound messaging flow

Warning: Disabling a Messenger deployment has an immediate impact to your website. When you disable a Messenger deployment, Messenger is not accessible by your customers when they open or reload the webpage in a browser. Messenger does not interrupt ongoing conversations as long as a customer does not reload the page.
  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Message, click Messenger Deployments.
  3. Navigate to the Messenger deployment you want to disable. 
  4. Turn off the toggle in the Status column to change the status to inactive.
    Click the name of the Messenger deployment in the Deployment Name column. The details of the deployment appear in the Messenger Deployments pane. Under Status, turn off the toggle to change the status to inactive.