Deploy the desktop app (admin)

If the organization’s security policies require it, the administrator can prevent users from installing and updating the desktop app. Instead the administrator can push out the desktop app install and updates to users on specified days and times using a third party software deployment tool.

To prevent users from installing applications, make the appropriate security changes to user workstations. 

To remove Check for Updates from the desktop app menu and prevent users from receiving desktop app update notifications, make the following registry/preference value changes.


In the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Interactive Intelligence\Purecloud\Directory, add a new DWORD value called “DisableUpdates”, and set to 1 to prevent all updates. 




In the preferences file ~/Library/Preferences/, add a new Boolean value called “DisableUpdates”, and set to true to prevent all updates. 



Routinely use a third party tool to check the appcast XML file and notify you when an updated desktop app release version is available.



To push out the desktop app installation and updates, use a third party software deployment tool such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). This tool can deploy the app to users on specified days and times, 


Switch Description
/install|/repair|uninstall|/layout Installs, repairs, uninstalls, or create a complete local copy of the bundle in directory. Default is /install.
/passive|/quiet Displays minimal UI with no prompts or displays no UI and no prompts. By default, the install displays UI and all prompts.
/norestart Suppresses any attempt to restart. By default, UI prompts before restart.
/log log.txt Logs to a specific file. But default, the install creates a log file in %TEMP%.


C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop>genesys-cloud-windows-2.1.582.exe /quiet

On September 30, 2020, the desktop app name changed from PureCloud to Genesys Cloud. The installation path and executable names have changed. Registry locations and keys have not changed.

Old: C:\Program Files (x86)\Interactive Intelligence\PureCloud\PureCloud.exe

New: C:\Program Files (x86)\Genesys\GenesysCloud\GenesysCloud.exe