Custom KPI for predictive routing

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Custom KPIs allow you to define custom metrics which can track outcomes such as sales conversion, churn and retention. When you create custom KPIs, you can can set the conditions which will result in the achievement of an outcome for an interaction, such as whether a certain wrap up code has been selected.  The custom KPI can then be used to track the rate of achievement of that outcome, for example the percentage of interactions for which a sale was made.

Once defined, the custom KPIs can be used in queues that use predictive routing.  For example:

  1. You create a custom KPI for ‘Retention’ that tracks the number of interactions which had the wrap up code of ‘Customer successfully retained’. 
  2. When activating predictive routing on a queue, select the ‘Retention’ KPI from the list of available KPIs. 
  3. When new interactions arrive, predictive routing will try to route the interaction to the agent predicted to have the best chance of achieving the ‘Customer successfully retained’ outcome for that particular customer.


    • Genesys Cloud leverages dedicated wrap-up codes that track the desired outcomes to score and select agents for an incoming interaction. Currently, Genesys Cloud offers the following types of KPIs:
      • Sales conversion KPI type – Helps you maximize the sales conversion of an organization. 
      • Customer retention KPI type – Helps you maximize the number of customers who continue business with the organization. 
      • Customer churn KPI type – Churn indicates the number of existing customers who intend to discontinue business with the organization. Helps you minimise customer churn.
    • Custom KPI primarily relies on wrap-up codes to track the outcomes of interactions. Genesys Cloud uses interactions that have associated wrap-up codes that summarize the interaction outcome to train the machine learning models. Genesys Cloud recommends that you use specific wrap-up codes which capture the actual outcome of the action. For example, to track sales conversion, use the wrap-up code that agents add when a sale is complete and not the wrap-up code that agents use when a sales pitch is made.
    • Custom KPI requires the wrap-up codes to be in use and with a significant number of interactions associated to them. If you are creating new wrap-up codes, Genesys Cloud waits until the volume of data reaches the required threshold value. See Sources of data for predictive routing decisions.
    • Custom KPIs are at the organization level. All divisions and queues in the organization can use the KPIs defined.
    • You can use the custom KPIs to perform a benefit assessment on your queue, activate predictive routing, run a comparison test, and evaluate the ongoing value.
    • You can view the benefit of the predictive routing with custom KPIs from the comparison test results pane. Depending on the KPI set, the Benefit pane lists the actual number of sales conversion, number of customers retained, or number of customers that were prevented from leaving the service.