Define custom KPI

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The following permissions:

  • Routing > KeyPerformanceIndicator > View
  • Routing > KeyPerformanceIndicator > Add
  • Routing > KeyPerformanceIndicator > Edit
  • Routing > Wrap-up Code > View

The Custom KPI page lists the different KPIs that are available for your organization. The KPIs that you create can track the revenue-based outcomes of your organizations and are tracked with wrap-up codes.  For more information, see Custom KPI for predictive routing.

  1. Select Admin > Custom KPI
  2. Click Define a new custom KPI. Enter the following information:
    Field Description
    Supported KPI type

    The custom KPI type that the KPI tracks. 

    Name The name of KPI. You can create one custom KPI per KPI type.
    Description The description of the KPI.
    Wrap-up code

    The wrap-up code that tracks the actual outcome of the interaction. Ensure that the wrap-up code specifically tracks the completion of the goal, such as follows:

    • Sales conversion KPI type – Use wrap-up codes that track completion of sale. For example, sale of a new insurance plan.
    • Customer retention KPI type – Use wrap-up codes that track events of customers continuing the service. For example, a contract that was renewed.
    • Customer churn KPI type – Use wrap-up codes that track the prevention of a potential customer exit. For example, a contract cancellation that was prevented.
    Note: You can map upto 50 wrap-up codes against a custom revenue KPI.
  3. Click Save.

The KPI is available for use in queues that have predictive routing enabled. For next steps, see Create and configure queues

Note: After you create a new custom revenue KPI, allow at least 24 hours before you use the KPI to run benefit assessment or to activate predictive routing.