Custom field types


The following permissions are required to create custom fields:

  • ExternalContacts > CustomFields > Add, Edit, and View

The following permission is required for agents to see and use custom fields:

  • ExternalContacts > CustomFieldsView

Provide personalized experience by leveraging custom information about your customers. For example, perhaps your company offers a rewards program that requires you to add a membership ID and other associated data to a contact. Or perhaps your company wants to designate VIP customers and route them to specific agents. Custom fields for external organizations and contacts gives you the ability to create the fields to help you do that and more.

When you create a custom field, the following field types are available:

Custom field types

Field type Description Notes
Checkbox a binary interactive box
Date a selectable date
Date Time a selectable date with time
Dropdown a drop-down list of string data 50 drop-down options max;
100 characters max per drop-down option
Identifier a unique single-line string 100 characters max;
searchable, case insensitive, otherwise exact
Integer a whole number
Text Area a multi-line string 1000 characters max;
Number a number field with a decimal
Tag a single-line string with multiple strings

100 characters max;
10 tags/strings max;
searchable, case insensitive, otherwise exact

Text a single-line string 100 characters max;
URL a single-line string that links to a webpage 200 characters max