Note: When you create a custom profile field, you cannot delete it from Genesys Cloud. You can only disable it so that users cannot see or use it. With Admin permissions, you can re-enable disabled fields at any time.
  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Directory, click Profile Fields. The Profile Fields page appears.
  3. Click the section that you want to contain the new field.
  4. Click Add Field.
    Note: This button is available only if fields are available for you to add.
  5. In the Field Details tab, click an option from the Field Type menu:
    • Text — Creates a field where you enter text values, like the Name and Biography fields.
    • Tag — Creates a field where you enter searchable tags, like the Skills and Certifications fields.
  6. Under Configuration, do the following depending on the selection in the previous step:

    For this field type… Do the following…
    Text Enter the maximum number of characters allowed in the new field in the Maximum Length field.
    1. Enter the maximum number of characters allowed for each tag in the Maximum Tag Length field.
    2. Enter the maximum number of tags allowed in the field in the Maximum Tag Count field.
  7. Click the Field Labels tab and add user-facing text for the new field in all applicable languages:

    • Field Name — Provides the name of the field.
    • Instruction Text — Provides the text that displays when you hover over the help icon next to the field name in edit mode.
  8. Click Save.
    Note: After you save a field, you cannot change the field type or field configuration settings.