Create a sub-menu

Sub-menus are menus within menus–they allow you to add branches to your existing auto-attendant menus. A sub-menu is a menu node that is attached to another menu as a child. A sub-menu is created when you select a existing menu form in the call flow before adding a new menu item. Sub-menus allow you to re-use the keys that are used in higher menus. For example, pressing 4 in the top level menu might allow callers to enter a Support sub-menu. In the Support sub-menu, callers might press 4 to send a fax.

  1. From the Toolbox, expand the Menu category and drag a Menu action into the desired location in the call flow.
  2. On the menu’s design form, configure the properties of the new menu item.
Note: For information on creating a particular menu choice, see the Suggested content.