Actions in a call flow

Architect provides action components to help build a road map and define call flow behavior. This road map dictates how calls are handled from the time they enter the flow until the end of the call. A call flow can support such behaviors as playing a menu, transferring a call to an extension, prompting the user for information and transferring the call based on the caller’s input, passing the call to another IVR, and playing a message. 

These actions are available from a call flow’s Architect Toolbox. For more information about actions available in Architect’s task editor, see Task editor actions overview. To help familiarize yourself with actions available for a call flow, review the following pages:

Icon Category Action Description
Dial Dial Dial By Extension Set up functionality that allows the caller to dial and transfer to a specific extension.
Menu Menu Menu Create a submenu in the starting or main menu.
Jump to Menu Give callers the option of transferring immediately to a designated menu.
Previous Menu Give callers the option of transferring to the previous menu.
Repeat Menu Give callers the option of hearing the current menu again. 
Task Task Task Group related steps of a process together, to create a call flow routine.
Jump to Reusable Task Insert a complete task previously configured in the Reusable Tasks area.
Transfer Transfer Transfer to ACD Use the Transfer to ACD action to transfer a caller into a queuing system.
Transfer to User Transfer a caller directly to a Genesys Cloud user.
Transfer to Number Transfer a caller to an external number.
Transfer to Group Transfer a caller directly to a Genesys Cloud group.
Transfer to Flow Transfer a caller to another call flow. 
Transfer to Secure Flow Transfer a caller to a secure call flow. 
Transfer to Voicemail Use the Transfer to Voicemail action from the Toolbox to transfer a caller to a Genesys Cloud user’s voicemail. 
Disconnect Disconnect Disconnect Provide callers with a graceful way to exit a menu system by disconnecting the call immediately.