A menu is a collection of one or more menu entries that process calls based on the keys a caller presses. A menu presents choices to the caller. In Architect, menu choices are nodes that are tied to digits and, optionally, speech recognition, and represent a list of options for the caller.

Example: Create a menu option

Create a menu option for callers to press 2 from any menu to transfer to the Service Department, which has a separate phone number. Include speech recognition settings to help Architect guide the caller to the appropriate department, and allow callers to initiate this transfer action when they use any of the specified speech recognition terms.

  1. From the Toolbox, expand the Transfer category and drag the Transfer to Number action to the desired location in the menu.
  2. In the Transfer design area, in the Name field type Transfer to Sales.
  3. Click the DTMF button and select 2.
  4. In the Speech Recognition field, do the following:
    1. Type Sales and click Enter.
    2. Type Information and click Enter.
  5. Select the DTMF goes to this menu choice from any menu check box.
  6. Select the Speech recognition terms go to this menu choice from any menu check box.
  7. In the Pre-Transfer Audio field, type Please wait while we transfer your call.
  8. In the Number field, type the complete telephone number tied to the company’s Service Department.
  9. Click Validate and then Publish.