Menu action

Use the Menu action to create a sub-menu. This action is only available in menu choices, not in task sequences. Menu choices contain common settings such as DTMF and speech recognition. 

Name Description
Name field

The label you enter here becomes the name of the node in the menu structure.

Menu Prompt Opens the Audio Sequence dialog box, where you can select a pre-recorded prompt to play to the caller, configure text-to-speech for the caller, or define other actions to prompt the caller.
Default Menu Choice Select the default menu choice within the menu to which the call routes when a user-selected option is unavailable. The selected choice appears in bold beneath the menu item.
Menu Options Optionally override configured menu settings, including the number of times to repeat the menu, how long to wait before repeating the menu, allow for extension dialing, and how long to wait for a customer to invoke extension dialing before continuing.
Speech Recognition Options Optionally override configured speech recognition behavior, including confidence levels, complete and incomplete match timeout, and speech length.