Announced on Effective date
2020-11-04 2021-02-03

Starting February 3, 2021, Genesys requires that customers specify the new mediaModel attribute in the Create Site API call, /api/v2/telephony/providers/edges/sites, to indicate whether the site will be used with cloud media or premises Edge devices. Genesys added the mediaModel attribute to prepare for an upcoming feature that allows cloud media and premises Edges to function together within a single organization.


What does this mean?

This attribute will be optional until February 3, 2021, and required after that date. Genesys recommends that customers and partners using the Telephony Providers Edge API within a custom application specify the mediaModel attribute for sites as soon as possible. The acceptable values are either cloud or premises. Once created, the value cannot be changed.

For existing sites that do not have the medialModel attribute specified by February 3, 2021, Genesys will populate that value during a migration script that will run on February 3, 2021 when the value becomes required.

Am I affected?

Customers and partners that use the Telephony Providers Edge API within a custom application will be affected by this change.

What do I need to do before the Change Date?

Modify custom applications to specify the mediaModel attribute on Create Site actions /api/v2/telephony/providers/edges/sites.

Who should I contact if I need help or have additional questions?