Genesys recommends that you rely on the default SIP phone trunk settings described in this article. However, if you need to exercise more control over the configuration of your SIP phone trunk, see Configure advanced SIP phone trunk settings.

If you need more information about any of the settings on the Create/Edit Phone Trunk page, see the SIP phone trunk settings reference.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Trunks.
  3. Click the Phone Trunks tab.
  4. Click Create New.
  5. In Phone Trunk Name, enter a trunk name.
  6. From the Type list, select SIP.
  7. Confirm that the Trunk State switch is set to In-Service.
  8. Select the Protocol and Listen Port for your phone trunk. (The recommended phone trunk listen ports are 8060 for UDP/TCP and 8061 for TLS.)
  9. Under Registrations, use the Max Registration Rate field to specify the average number of REGISTER requests per time period you allow on this trunk.
  10. Under SIP Access Control:
    • Confirm that the Use Source Address switch is set to Yes.
    • In the Add an IP or CIDR address field, enter the subnet address of your phones in CIDR notation.
      Note: If you do not know the subnet of your phones, click Allow All. The Genesys Cloud best practice is to specify IP subnets or IP addresses for security and troubleshooting considerations.
    • Leave the Always Deny the Following Addresses blank.
  11. Click Save Phone Trunk.