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Genesys Cloud recommends that you rely on the default SIP phone trunk settings described in the Create a SIP phone trunk article. However, if you need to exercise more control over the configuration of your SIP phone trunk, investigate the information presented in this article. Here you’ll find links to information on adjusting the basic settings as well as the configuring the settings found in the Connection Configuration section of the Create/Edit Phone Trunk page.

If you have questions or need more information about any of the settings on the Create/Edit Phone Trunk page, see the SIP phone trunk settings reference.

Additional settings

While there are certain basic settings that you must configure on the main Phone Trunks page, there are additional settings on this page that you may also need to configure or modify.


In the General section, you’ll find settings for configuring calls.


In the Transport section, you’ll find settings for configuring various network options.


In the Media section, you’ll find settings for configuring how audio is handled.


In the Authentication section, you’ll find settings for configuring authentication.


In the Provisioning section, you’ll find settings for configuring provisioning.


In the Diagnostic section, you’ll find settings for collecting additional information about the traffic going across the SIP Trunk. These settings will help you to troubleshoot issues with call quality and other problems. These settings are designed to be enabled while you are working with Genesys Cloud Technical Support personnel.


The Custom option is designed to allow Genesys Cloud Technical Support personnel to alter an external trunk configuration for troubleshooting or special circumstances. You should only enter custom property settings as directed by Genesys Cloud Technical Support.