After you you create a site, an Edge group and an external SIP trunk, you'll need to tie it altogether.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Edges.
  3. Select your Edge to open the Edit Edge page.
  4. If the Edge State setting shows In-Service, click Take Out-of-Service and respond to the prompt. (See Take Out-of-Service)
  5. From the Site list, select the site to assign to the Edge.
  6. From the Edge Group list, select the Edge group to assign to the Edge.
  7. From the Network Interface for Internal Edge Communication list, select the interface for the Edge to use within the Edge group.
    Note: A Genesys Cloud best practice is not to select a WAN port.
  8. Click the Network Interfaces tab.
  9. From the list of network interfaces, select the NIC you chose for phone provisioning and calls.
  10. In the External Trunks section, select the Use the following trunks option.
  11. Use the Select External Trunks drop-down to choose the trunk you want to use.
  12. Select the General tab. 
  13. Locate the Edge State setting and click Put Edge In-Service.
  14. Click Save Edge.