Series: Set up Genesys Agent Assist

Configure your organization to use Agent Assist


Configure your organization to use Agent Assist

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Assistants > New Assistant.
  3. Under Name, enter a name which represents the role of the assistant.
  4. Select the purpose provider of the assistant: Digital, or Digital & Voice.
  5. Select the language, and the corresponding knowledge base.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Queues appears at the top of the screen, next to Assistant. Select Queues.
  8. Select Assign to queues
  9. From the list, select the queue or queues you want to assign the Genesys Agent Assist assistant to. To add the queue or queues to the assistant, click  Assign.
  10. Repeat steps 2–4 to assign more queues to the assistant. 

Genesys Agent Assist is assigned on a single, per queue basis. If the queue you select is assigned to a different assistant, a message appears, asking you to reassign the new assistant.

To remove a queue from the assistant, click Unassignnext to the queue name, then click  Yes.

Enable recording on the trunk

Enabling recording is mandatory for Genesys Agent Assist transcription. The data are deleted after the transcription is done.

For more information, see Enable recording.

Configure transcription for Voice SKUs

Genesys Cloud is able to manage transcription through the Genesys Native transcription engine, or the Enhanced Voice Transcription Service (EVTS).

Note: EVTS is an add-on feature and incurs additional costs.

To set the transcription engine:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Quality, click Programs > Program Editor.
  3. Select the transcription engine. EVTS is only available at this step if you have purchased it separately.
    Set the transcription engine
  4. Click Save.

To configure voice transcription for Genesys Agent Assist Voice SKUs:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Queues.
  3. Select the queue you want to configure voice transcription for.
  4. Click the Voice tab.
  5. Toggle Voice transcription:
    • If you use Genesys Cloud Voice transcription, toggle Voice transcription to ON.
    • If you use EVTS, toggle Voice transcription to OFF.
      Toggle off voice transcription
  6. Click Save.


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