Analytics > Insight Configurations > Edit permission

You can choose how Genesys Cloud calculates some metrics in analytics views and reports.

To view or change these settings:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Analytics

In the Settings tab:

  1. Under Service Level, enable the following options:
    • Include flowouts in calculation
    • Include short abandons in calculation
    • Include abandons in calculation
      For more information on how these settings affect service level percentage, see the service level glossary term.
  2. Under Data Masking:
    • To mask the phone numbers and email addresses in the Content Search view, Performance Dashboards, Interactions view, Scheduled Callbacks view, and Queues Activity Detail view, enable Mask phone numbers and email addresses in Content Search, Dashboards, Interactions Views, Scheduled Callbacks, and Queue Activity Detail.
    • To blur the agent names in the Queue Activity Detail export and make the agent names appear as “REDACTED” within the Queue Agent Detail export, enable Mask agent names in Queue Activity Detail and Queue Agent Detail. For more information about export data, see Export view data.
    • To mask the phone numbers and email addresses in the My Interactions view, enable Mask phone numbers and email addresses in My Interactions.
      Note: PII is masked by default in the My Interactions view. It is still visible to users in other views or accessible through direct API calls.
  3. Set the Time Used to Calculate Disconnect Metrics value in seconds for the Flows Performance Summary view and the Flows Performance Detail view. This setting affects the Customer Short Disconnect column. The Customer Short Disconnect is defined as the number of times customers disconnected in a flow before a short disconnect time. It includes the percentage of customer short disconnects compared with the disconnect count. The default short disconnect time is less than 10 seconds, though administrators can set the short disconnect time to any threshold they want.

Set the length of each abandon interval displayed in the Abandon Intervals Metrics view.

In the Interval Configuration tab:

  1. Click Edit
  2. Enter a minimum number of seconds for the required columns. 
    The default seconds for each column are:
    Column Default number of seconds
    B 38–39
    C 39–60
    D 60–131
    E 131–255
    F 255–310
    G 310+
    Note: Abandoned calls greater than or equal to the lower limit but less than the upper limit of a column’s interval appear in that column. For example, a 39-second call and a 59.5-second call both count in a 39–60 second column, but a 60-second call counts in the 60–131 second column.
  3. Click Done.