You can select a predefined response from the Canned Responses library and add it to an inbound email, message, or bot flow. Canned responses include content in HTML.

Use this feature with the Send Auto Reply action to send an automated reply to a customer; for example, to let customers know you are working on their issue or to provide standard return policies.

Name Description
Name field

Type a distinctive name for the Get Response action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the flow structure.

Library The collection of canned responses that contains the response you want to add.
Response The predefined message you want to add to the flow.
Output Response Body The name of the variable used to store response data, allowing it to be used in other locations within the flow. 
Success and Failure paths

The Success path indicates the Get Response action processed without error. Drag a Send Auto Reply action below the success path and configure the settings.

The Failure path indicates that an error occurred when processing the action or that there was a problem processing the results. Below the failure path, drag an action that determines how you want the system to proceed when the Get Response action fails.