A task action groups related steps of a process together to create a call flow routine. In Architect, use tasks to build complex IVR operations that consist of a sequence of actions. When designing a call flow, actions that execute as a block can become crowded within the design, making it difficult to visually analyze a process. Tasks allow you to group related steps for a complex process.

Architect provides a Reusable Task area where you can add and configure tasks, and then reference them from other areas of the call flow. 

  1. From the Toolbox, expand the Task category and drag a Task action into the Reusable Tasks area, where you can store tasks that can be used in multiple areas of the call flow. 
  2. In the Name text box, type a distinctive name for the task.
  3. Click Edit Task. The task editor opens.
  4. Configure the task per your design by using actions in the task editor Toolbox. Expand the Toolbox categories and drag the appropriate action into the task editor.
Note: When an action is over an approved location, Architect displays a box highlighted in blue. Release the action to place it into the task editor.