Use the Task action to build complex IVR options. A task action groups related steps of a process together to create a flow routine. A process is made up of the tasks involved, the sequence of those tasks, and the actions that exist between them. Place tasks under states (in email and message flows) and menus (in call flows). 

In call flows, menu choices contain common settings such as DTMF and speech recognition. You can reuse tasks within the same flow.

Action Description
Name field

Type a distinctive name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the flow structure.

Edit Task button

Opens the task editor, where you can build the group of actions to perform within the task.

Output Paths

(Inbound email and message flows only)

Click this button to open the Output paths dialog box, where you can view and manage the name, description, and usage information for the output in this email or message task.