Series: Architect tutorial for advanced users

Until now, you uploaded individual prompts while working within a call flow. For this lesson, you will learn how to import a prompt .csv file and 7 prompt .wav files in a single session.


Use the prompt Import feature to import multiple prompts.

Estimated time to complete: 5-10 minutes


Additional resources

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Bulk import prompts


Open the .csv file and review the formatting guidelines. For more information about .csv requirements, see Format guidelines for the CSV file in bulk prompt import.

CSV table

  1. From the Architect Home page, click the User Prompts tab.
  2. Click Import. The Import audio dialog opens.
  3. In the Audio wav files and CSV mapping file box, click the Select files link.
  4. Navigate to the location where you downloaded the prompts and CSV file and select them. Architect indicates the number of files included in the import process.
  5. Click Preview Import. The Import Prompts dialog box opens.
  6. Click Start Import. Architect imports and processes the prompt resources, and returns the result of the import for your review.
  7. To save the results of the import process to a text file, click Save Results.
  8. Click Finished to return to the appropriate prompts tab.