Perform a bulk import for prompts

  • Architect > UI > View

To work with system prompts, the following permissions:

  • Architect > System Prompt > Edit
  • Architect > System Prompt View

To work with user prompts, the following permissions:

  • Architect > User Prompt > Add
  • Architect > User Prompt > Edit
  • Architect > User Prompt > View

In Architect, use the Import feature to add many prompts to your application at once.

  1. From the Architect home page, click or hover over the Prompts menu and select System or User.
  2. Click Import. The Import audio dialog opens.
  3. In the Audio wav files and CSV mapping file box, click Select files.
  4. Navigate to the location of the prompts and CSV files and select the CSV file and all WAV files. Architect indicates the number of files included in the import process.
    Note: Select the CSV file and each included WAV file, not the directory location. 
  5. Click Preview Import. The Import Prompts dialog box opens.
  6. Hover over the icons in each column to review the prompt resources ready for import.
  7. If a prompt appears as a hyperlink, you can click it to open the Edit Prompt dialog box and update it.
  8. Click Start Import. Architect imports and processes the prompt resources, and returns the result of the import for your review.
  9. To save the results of the import process to a text file, click Save Results.
  10. Click Finished to return to the appropriate prompts tab.