Use the Import feature to add multiple prompts to your application in a single session. When you perform a bulk prompt import, include prompt resource .wav files and, optionally, records in comma-separated value (CSV) format. Best practice recommends using a CSV file for mapping purposes; however, this file is not necessary if the .wav files are titled using proper naming conventions to match against existing prompts. Architect uses the CSV file to set up underlying import data for each prompt, including prompt names, descriptions, and languages for both the prompt audio and TTS.

From the User Prompts tab or the System Prompts tab, select Import to open the Import bulk audio data dialog box and choose the prompt resources to include. After import, Architect shows, on a per-language basis, the audio and TTS set for the prompt. For existing prompts that are updated in a bulk prompt import, Architect shows, also on a per-language basis, the updated description, audio and TTS for each updated prompt.

To familiarize yourself with prompts, review the following pages:

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