You can use the Image Builder in digital bot flow actions to add images. The following steps illustrate how to use the Image Builder.

  1. In a digital bot flow action element that you want to add an image to, for example a carousel card in a Digital Menu action, click the card and hover over the Select an Image button in the Card dialog box that appears. 

    Select an Image 
  2. In the dialog box that appears, click the image icon . The Image Builder dialog box opens.
  3. To add an image from a URL, click Image URL and enter the fully formed URL string to use for the image.
  4. To add an image from your Genesys Cloud Response Assets library, click Image :
    1. In the Image field, click Select an Image
    2. Search for or select the image that you want to use.
    3. Click Use Image.
  5. To add an image from your computer or network, click Image :
    1. In the Image field, click Select an Image
    2. Click Upload.
    3. Find the image you want to use, and click Open. Genesys Cloud opens the Upload New Asset window and shows a preview of the image.
    4. Optionally, change the name of the image file.
    5. Under the image, click Upload. Architect adds the image to your Response Assets library.
    6. Click Use Image.
  6. To add an image using an Image expression, click Expression.  
  7. Click Save.
  8. (Optional) You can add alternate images for other languages that you added as supported languages to your digital bot flow.