If you have configured extensions, you can add nodes that allow a caller to enter an extension and be connected immediately. The digit you assign to this operation should be the first digit of the range of extensions you want to catch. Once that digit is pressed, it is recognized as the first digit on an extension. Therefore, if your company has employees assigned to extensions 100-199 and 8000-8999, you would need to set up two extension dial nodes—one with digit 1 and one with digit 8.

Note: For purposes of example, this task assumes your company has extensions assigned in the 100 to 199 range, and in the 8000 to 8999 range (your actual extension numbers, and the digit that identifies them in a menu, may be different).
  1. Create a new flow or open an existing one.
  2. From the Toolbox, drag Dial By Extension into a menu action.
  3. In the Name text box, type Extensions 100-199.
  4. Click the DTMF button and select the beginning number of the group of extensions. To match our example, you would enter 1 for numbers in the 100 to 199 range.
  5. To allow a user to press this number from any menu to find an extension, select the DTMF goes to this menu choice from any menu check box.
  6. In the Speech Recognition text box, optionally add words or phrases that can be associated with menu options.
  7. To immediately send the caller to the current menu operation if the speech recognition engine matches the verbal request anywhere in the call flow, select the Speech recognition terms go to this menu choice from any menu check box.
  8. In the Extension Data Name text box, type the name of a string variable that holds the extension entered by the caller.
  9. In the Inter-Digit Timeout box, type the number of seconds you want to wait before timing out. The default is 6 seconds, which means that user data entry will fail if the use pauses more than 6 seconds between key presses.
  10. In the Audio to play to re-prompt the caller field, click the audio sequence button and configure the audio resource the caller hears if the call times out.

Note: For more information on how to configure audio resources, see the Suggested content.

  1. In the Number of times to re-prompt the caller box, type or select the number of times you want to re-prompt the caller.
  2. Repeat steps 2-10 to add a form for extensions in the 8000-8999 range. When you repeat step 4, name the form Extensions 8000-8999. When you repeat step 5, set the digit number to 8.