In Architect, it is easy to manage an ordered sequence of audio elements to play back to the caller. You can arrange the order of elements, you can add or delete elements, and you can edit an element’s configuration. The following table describes simple tasks you can perform in the Edit Audio Sequence dialog box. 

Task Procedure

Arrange the order

Use the up or down arrows next to the element you want to move until Architect places it in the desired location.
Add a new element Select Add Prompt, Add Data, Add TTS, or click the arrow at the end of the Other drop-down list and choose Add Blank Audio or Add Expression. See the Suggested content for details on setting up an audio sequence. 
Delete an element  Click the X next to the element you want to remove. 
Edit an element’s configuration  Click in the appropriate field and use the displayed controls to modify it. 
Switch between Sequence Builder and Custom Expression Builder  Click the arrow at the end of the Sequence Options menu and select the sequence builder you want to use.

Note: Some languages use a grammatical gender system that classifies nouns as being feminine, masculine, neuter, or common. In addition, other part of speech, such as articles, must also agree with the language gender. For information about configuring parameters that specify how TTS plays a supported language’s gender-specific content back to the caller at runtime, see the Suggested content.