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As a quality manager, performance management administrator, evaluator, or supervisor, you can add an interaction to an existing coaching appointment for anyone involved in the interaction.


When working with Coaching you can only coach agents in divisions for which you have permission. That is, you can only view data from the division(s) that you are a member of. For more information, see Divisions overview and Assign roles, divisions, licenses, and add-ons .


To add an interaction to a coaching appointment:

    1. Go to an agent’s interactions to view the interactions detail page.
    2. Click Schedule Coaching.
    3. Click Add to existing
    4. From the list provided, select the agent and coaching appointment you want to add the interaction to.
      You can also search for the appointment by Appointment Title. 
      Note: A message appears if Genesys Cloud does not find any existing coaching appointments for the agent.
    5. Click Add
      Note: You cannot click Add if the interaction is already attached to the coaching appointment.