Schedule a coaching appointment

  • The following permissions for your role:
    • CoachingAppointmentAdd
    • CoachingAppointmentView
    • CoachingAppointmentStatusView
    • General > Content Management User
    • coaching > scheduleslot > view

As a quality manager, performance management administrator, evaluator, or supervisor, you can create a coaching appointment for agents by using a wizard. When you create a coaching appointment, you cannot schedule it over an existing coaching appointment for the agent or facilitator. Modify the existing coaching appointment.


Division awareness: Feature coming soon

When working with Coaching you can only coach agents in divisions for which you have permission. That is, you can only view data from the division(s) that you are a member of. For more information, see Divisions overview and Assign roles, divisions, licenses, and add-ons .


You can schedule an appointment for up to six weeks in the future.

All participants can see content when a participant adds it to a Coaching Appointment from Content Management. 

To schedule a coaching appointment:

  1. Go to an agent’s interactions to view the interactions detail page.
  2. Click the Schedule Coaching button.
  3. Click New Appointment
    For more information about adding to an existing appointment, see Add an interaction to an existing coaching appointment.
  4. Follow the steps in the wizard. 
    1. Select an agent from the list of agents involved in the interaction.
    2. Select Facilitator or Self administered.
      Note: If you choose Facilitator, search for and choose the facilitator for the coaching appointment.
    3. Name the coaching session.
    4. Give the coaching session a description.
    5. Add any interaction links, external links, or documents the agent may need for the coaching session.
    6. Click Next.
  5. Schedule the appointment.
    Note: If you are scheduling the appointment through Workforce Management, see step 6.

    1. Choose a date
    2. Choose a time.
    3. Select the duration of the coaching session. The maximum duration is 60 minutes.
    4. Click Finish.
  6. Schedule the appointment through Workforce Management.
    1. Choose a week from the dropdown menu.
    2. Select the duration of the coaching session.
    3. Click Check Schedule.
      You can see the best available time slot options as well as the schedule for the agent and the facilitator.
    4. Select the time slot that works best.
    5. Click Finish.
      Note: To see schedules, the agent and the facilitator need to be in the same business unit.