Wrap-up rules

Wrap-up rule conditions are evaluated after a call disconnects. Wrap-up actions can update contact columns or append the contact’s number, with or without an expiration date, to the campaign’s first designated do not contact (DNC) list.

When Test to see if Comparator Value Perform action if condition Action

After a call is disconnected

Contact List Column,
Phone Number, or

Phone Type (Home, Cell, and so on), or

Wrap-up code

begins with, contains, ends with, is, or equals

my value

is met (Invert Condition = No)


is not met (Invert Condition = Yes)

An inverted condition performs an action when the condition is not met.

Append DNC number, or

Update a contact list column

Set Rule Category to Wrap-up

Set Rule Condition to one of the above

Select a comparison operator

Type or select a value

(Optional) Use the toggle to invert the condition.

figure shows switch used to invert a condition

Select an Action Type