Use the Nuance Mix integration to call Nuance Mix bots in Architect message flows. This feature is PCI DSS compliant. You can use this integration in secure call flows. For more information, see PCI DSS compliance.


Genesys Cloud’s integration with Nuance Mix allows bots to interact conversationally with customers.

Get the Nuance Mix integration  

Nuance Mix is available from the Genesys AppFoundry. The first step is to install the integration. Installation makes the app available to configure in Genesys Cloud.

Configure the Nuance Mix integration

To access the Call Nuance Mix Bot action in Architect, add Nuance Mix credentials to Genesys Cloud, add published Nuance Mix bots, and then enable the integration in Genesys Cloud.

Use Nuance Mix bots in interaction flows

Use Nuance Mix bots in Architect call flows.

Work with rich media in message interactions

Work with cards in bot conversations: Feature coming soon

Administrators can set up quick replies and cards in bot conversations. Quick replies are responses that customers can select as a reply during a message interaction. Quick replies allow for fast and structured responses, enabling you to offer simple, guided answers to direct messages by choosing from a list of options. Cards are bot responses that contain an image, title, body, and list of buttons. Customers can interact with the cards by clicking a button.