Policies help you save time by automating repetitive quality management tasks, such as assigning evaluations or starting a calibration. Each policy defines a type of interaction and an action to take. For example, you can create a policy to assign an evaluation automatically for all interactions longer than 5 minutes.

To view current policies, click Admin. Under Quality, click Policies.

To filter policies, select a policy state (Enabled or Disabled) or enter a policy name. Click Apply.

For more information about creating recording policies, see Create a policy

Quality policies list.

Note: For more information about an orphan recordings message, see View orphaned recordings.

Note: Call recording requires that Recording is enabled on the SIP trunk. Contact your telephony administrator and refer them to the Enable Recording procedure. 

Note: Interaction recordings that do not match any policy will be retained indefinitely. If the maximum interaction data retention time has been set, these recordings will be retained up to that threshold.