Calibration helps you standardize evaluations of contact center agents by comparing multiple reviews of the same interaction. Calibration allows you to do the following actions:

  • Ensure that evaluators score interactions consistently.
  • Provide fairness to agents under evaluation.
  • Isolate and refine questions with inconsistent scores.
  • Set expectations about how evaluators score interactions for performance and training purposes.
  • Calibrate scores against an evaluation by an expert such as the quality administrator or team lead.
  • Objectively measure improvement within the contact center.

The individual who collects and compares the scores is the calibrator. While this individual is typically the quality administrator, you can specify an agent or evaluator to act as the calibrator.

Calibration process

A common calibration process is as follows:

Calibration process

Note: You can also create a policy to assign calibrations for interactions automatically based on criteria such as queue, call length, or agent.