Genesys Cloud’s Platform API implements and adheres to the OAuth 2 standard for secure authorization. The OAuth scopes for applications feature provides a means to limit an app’s access to an individual user or the Genesys Cloud organization’s data. Rather than granting complete access to a user or organization’s account, administrators can define the scope of access given to applications built for Genesys Cloud.

In contrast to granting someone access to your org, scopes limit what apps are allowed to do on behalf of a user or non-user application. Scopes implement an additional layer of authorization that is specific to applications.

Background information

Learn how to use OAuth scopes and user permissions together, to ensure that apps in your org can access and update only the data you want them to.


Use these administration procedures to manage OAuth clients for your organization.

The Genesys Cloud Developer Center provides deep background information of a technical nature about OAuth scopes for applications, the Genesys Cloud public API, and development techniques. The links below are a subset of OAuth topics written by developers for developers.