About ACD and SMS messages

Web messaging: Feature coming soon

With ACD messages, agents can send and receive interactions from messaging platforms. Currently, Genesys Cloud agents can respond to inbound SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, LINE Messaging, and WhatsApp. 

ACD and SMS messages

ACD messages allow agents to respond to interactions from messaging platforms. To enable this feature, contact your designated Customer Success Manager. 

Set up ACD messages

Learn how to set up ACD messages and route messages using Architect and Genesys Cloud.

Messages for agents

Agents can respond to messages sent from end users. 

SMS administration

Purchase and manage SMS numbers. Regulations in certain countries require that you submit additional documentation to purchase SMS numbers.

SMS short codes

Learn about short code regulations, requirements, and pricing. Download an application and apply for your short codes

Third-party ACD messaging administration

Set up and configure ACD messaging to work with third-party messaging services. Genesys Cloud currently supports SMS, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Message, LINE Messaging, and WhatsApp