Contact center

ACD voicemail routing

Administrators and contact center managers can now create call flows that allow customers to leave voicemails for a queue, and then route those voicemails to agents via ACD. For more information, see Transfer to Voicemail action and Accept an ACD voicemail interactionThis feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Co-browse for voice interactions

Agents can now browse the customer’s view of a web page during a voice interaction and collaborate with the customer using annotations and page control. For more information, see About co-browse. To set up co-browse with voice, see Co-browse in the Developer Center. For a comparison of co-browse and screen share capabilities, see Co-browse vs. screen share feature matrix.

Queues Activity views enhancements 

The enhanced Queues Activity Summary and Queues Activity Details views include separation of user statuses and routing statuses, agent row expansion for better insight into agent activity, and more. For more information, see Queues Activity views.

Callback filter in contact center dashboards and views

Supervisors can now use the callback filter to view callback metrics in dashboards and views. For more information, see About reports, views and dashboards.

Contact Property call rule condition enhancement

The outbound Contact Property call rule condition now includes a comparison for the last queue wrap-up code result. For more information, see Add a call rule.