Additional search features in Documents

In Documents, users can now search for files that they shared with others and files that others shared with them. For more information, see Search for a file.

Group sharing of documents

In Documents, users can now share documents with Genesys Cloud Directory groups. For more information, see Share a file and About sharing files.

Workspace descriptions in Documents

In Documents, administrators can now add a description for a workspace when creating or updating the workspace. For more information, see Manage group workspaces.


FENT remote deployment model

The Far-end NAT Traversal (FENT) deployment model enables calls to traverse a Network Address Translation (NAT) device that is located away from the Edge and near the phones. Genesys Cloud Voice, and other solutions where the Edge is not local to the physical phones, may require FENT. FENT operates in conjunction with TLS and SRTP, and it ignores the connection address specified in the session description protocol (SDP) from the phone. For more information, see Create a SIP phone connection trunk.

Contact center

Custom date range for reports

The Report Editor now supports custom date ranges for running reports.  For more information, see Configure a report.