GDPR compliance

The Genesys Cloud General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) API is now available in the Developer Center. Genesys Cloud customers can use the Genesys Cloud GDPR to independently respond to GDPR requests, including requests under GDPR Article 15 (access), Article 16 (rectification), and Article 17 (erasure). Genesys Cloud will complete initial GDPR requests received in the next few weeks no later than June 24, 2018.  After June 24, 2018, Genesys Cloud will complete GDPR API requests within two weeks of the initial request. For more information about the GDPR and Genesys Cloud GDPR compliance support, see GDPR compliance and Genesys Cloud and GDPR compliance.

Contact center

Full view export for Queue Performance views

Contact center managers can now export the full list of results from the Queue Performance views into a CSV file in the Genesys Cloud Inbox. Managers can share the file with others in the contact center and use it to further analyze contact center performance. For more information, see Export view data.

Abandon metrics insights

Administrators and contact centers managers can now view data about the length of abandoned calls in a queue. The view shows abandoned calls in interval columns based on the length of the call before it was abandoned. Administrators can set the intervals to meet their contact center’s needs. This feature helps administrators determine how many calls are short abandons and provides insight into the abandoned metrics. For more information, see Abandon Intervals Metrics view and Configure abandon intervals for the Abandon Intervals Metric view.

Automatic email reply configuration in Architect

Administrators and contact center managers now have additional configuration options for sending automatic email replies. This feature helps customize the list of email recipients. For more information, see Send Auto Reply action.