Contact center

Aggregate detail views

Contact center managers and supervisors can now view aggregate data for multiple users or queues in certain performance detail views. This feature helps them gauge the performance of specific groups of users or queues, rather than the entire organization or a single queue. For more information, see View aggregate performance data for users or queues

Flag problematic calls

Business users and agents can now flag calls and ACD voice interactions that have voice quality issues, such as deteriorated audio, unexpected disconnections, incomplete connections, and failed transfers. Managers can view flagged calls in the Interactions view and the Agents Interaction Detail view. Genesys Cloud Customer Care can also view flagged calls to help pinpoint reported issues. For more information, see Flag a problematic phone call and Flag a problematic voice interaction

New HTML editor for email messages

A new HTML text editor enables agents to include tables in email replies to customers. For more information, see Format text in an email message.


Premium applications in the AppFoundry

Third-party vendors can now offer premium applications in the AppFoundry. Premium applications provide streamlined installation and are fully integrated with Genesys Cloud’s billing system. Contact Sales Enablement to purchase a premium application and add it to your subscription. For more information, see About the AppFoundry.

Skype for Business integration

The Skype for Business integration enables Genesys Cloud users to chat with Microsoft 365 Skype for Business users within Genesys Cloud. Genesys Cloud users can search for Skype contacts, see their presence, and chat one-to-one. The Skype for Business integration is available in the AppFoundry. For more information, see About the Skype for Business integration.