Introducing Features coming soon

A new Features coming soon page, posted each Friday afternoon, will list the features scheduled for the next Genesys Cloud release. This page will be available from the Release Notes home page on Friday afternoon, August 24, 2018.

Contact center

Advanced workforce management short-term forecasting techniques

Workforce management now offers an advanced, automated forecasting process that automatically incorporates best practices, outlier auto-detection, mathematical fixes for missing data, and state-of-the-art time-series forecasting techniques. With this process, the system compiles a collection of individual forecasts and then returns the one with the least amount of error. Current and future methods for this forecasting process will include such types as seasonal, trend, stationary, ensemble, and general. For more information, see Add a short-term forecast.

Granular permission set in Architect 

Architect now contains a granular, more detailed collection of permissions required to access specific elements within the application. This feature gives administrators and contact center managers greater control over the items that users can access and configure in Architect. To facilitate a seamless transition, the system automatically migrates the new permissions to existing users based on current permission assignments. For more information, see Architect permissions overview.

Access Architect from the Routing menu

Access Architect in its new location under the Genesys Cloud Admin Routing menu. For more information, see Log in to Architect.

Wrap-up Notes column in Interactions view and Agents Interactions Detail view

A new column in the Interactions view and Agents Interactions Detail view enables managers and supervisors to see agents’ wrap-up notes. To preview a note, hover over the column. The new column makes it easier to track requests and information added to wrap-up notes. For more information, see Interactions view and Agents Interactions Detail view

Danish language support 

User interface support in Genesys Cloud is now available for Danish Denmark (da-DK). For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages