System prompts in Architect


The following permissions:

  • Architect > System Prompt > Edit
  • Architect > System Prompt View

System prompts are Architect-provided, generic prompts to indicate numbers, dates, days of the week, months, and so on. You cannot delete System prompts, nor can you rename a system prompt name, change the description, or modify the text on a system prompt resource. 

You can, however, override the default audio. You can also add audio for a language not already set up with a system prompt. For example, let's assume you want to modify the System "estimated_wait_time_about" prompt resources for en-US. You can choose to edit the prompt and in the Resources area, record or upload your own .wav file for English.

Text for system prompts with default audio that is not overridden appears in a lighter text for the audio duration. To confirm whether the audio is default, click the audio duration link. A menu appears, with a message that states whether or not default audio is being used. If the audio was overridden, to return the prompt to the default audio click the Revert to default link

Note: Unlike User prompts, when you update System prompt audio for a prompt used in a published or active flow, the updated prompt is reflected immediately in the flow. You are not required to republish the flow to update the System prompt. Changes to user prompts take effect within a couple of minutes. Changes to system prompts may take up to an hour to take effect.